Why not...

My last of twenty-seven years in the secondary classroom, my baby just now in college, a government and economy looking like something out of Duck Soup, a pituitary tumor, chronic migraines... Hell, why not write a blog?

(My students are now gone. I'm now a civilian and really no longer a "lame duck." I hope the readers of Mama Duck will come to my new blog for some new writing and new directions. My new blog is at: Writing Isle to Isle.)

Friday, July 6, 2012

I've got a new blog!

 I do have a new blog. It's called Writing Isle to Isle. The new blog is really about writing and will follow my midlife adventures of moving from one island to another. But like Lame Duck, it will be a mixture of political commentary, essays, humor, and even recipes with playlists. Now that I'm officially retired from teaching, I'm really no longer a lame duck and don't wish to post false advertisements. So please, link up and join up. I'd love to keep you as a reader.
Mama Duck.