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My last of twenty-seven years in the secondary classroom, my baby just now in college, a government and economy looking like something out of Duck Soup, a pituitary tumor, chronic migraines... Hell, why not write a blog?

(My students are now gone. I'm now a civilian and really no longer a "lame duck." I hope the readers of Mama Duck will come to my new blog for some new writing and new directions. My new blog is at: Writing Isle to Isle.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick follow up...Carrie Nation and Phyllis Schlafly Have Left the Building

Guess I'll have to smoke a turd in hell. When I returned home today, my endocrinologist had left a message on my machine telling me the good news. My prolactin levels are way down. That means the Cabergoline is working on the tumor. That also means I was wrong about him calling me back. And, it means that the bar room girls in my head have a lot more possibility of fun in future weeks.

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