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My last of twenty-seven years in the secondary classroom, my baby just now in college, a government and economy looking like something out of Duck Soup, a pituitary tumor, chronic migraines... Hell, why not write a blog?

(My students are now gone. I'm now a civilian and really no longer a "lame duck." I hope the readers of Mama Duck will come to my new blog for some new writing and new directions. My new blog is at: Writing Isle to Isle.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

A new generation takes to the streets...

I don't know if other parents take comfort by grabbing their cell phones and finding pictures of protests with an attached message like "at Occupy _______, mom," but I do. I find great comfort in knowing that my daughter is a part of something important. And I find great comfort in knowing that a new generation is taking on the responsibility of shaking us all out of our stupors (as is evident by the cross-generational composition of this crowd). And here we thought they were just watching Jersey Shore.

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