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My last of twenty-seven years in the secondary classroom, my baby just now in college, a government and economy looking like something out of Duck Soup, a pituitary tumor, chronic migraines... Hell, why not write a blog?

(My students are now gone. I'm now a civilian and really no longer a "lame duck." I hope the readers of Mama Duck will come to my new blog for some new writing and new directions. My new blog is at: Writing Isle to Isle.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why the ukulele, you ask?

I had thought it Kona’s magic
The gecko
And lifting my small singing token,
from burnt rock salt splashes
With closed eyes
I could be there for a moment.

I now have the answer
The echo
Bouncing from my empty left atrium
where my daughter’s laughter erupts
like unstoppable lava.

For to hear her giggling
like happy uke chords
and cackle with her father
over a viral video they are watching--
C, F and G7 chords.

And now, my ukulele
strums that voice
that only a banjo could rival.

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